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Of particular note is Lucci ‘Fanaway’, one of the most revolutionary ceiling fans on the market today.

FANAWAY is a retractable blade ceiling fan/pendant light, which first came to light on the ABC’s “New Inventors” program in 2005. Beacon Lighting worked with the inventor for 3 years to fine tune the design. After securing the exclusive Australian license and distribution, FANAWAY is now an international phenomenon all over the globe.

Fanaway is an exclusive Beacon patented design that sets a new standard of form and function with its unique retractable blade technology.

Clever and clutter-free, Fanaway is the way of the future.

If you’re looking for a way to save up to 90% on your cooling costs, switch off the air-conditioning and switch onto Fanaway.

Turn the Fanaway on and its barely visible acrylic blades unfold and spin, whisper quiet - making it perfect for any type of room (especially bedrooms).

These hidden blades are the secret to Fanaway, an Australian invention exclusive to Beacon INTERNATIONAL.